2023 Hello Spring Tour

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I am so happy to announce I have set some travel dates for February and March. I have some exciting plans to visit Arizona, as well as my beautiful home state of Alaska.

Contact me if you have any questions! My home base is in Anchorage, so you can find me there when I am not exploring, enjoying the sunshine somewhere!

I still have my prebooking special going for the end of February. Read about that here.

I will be unavailable from the end of March through the first week of April.

See you soon!


Chantelle Miranda


A Special Valentine Gift

Have we seen each other over the Holiday months?

Since I will be gone MOST of March, into early April from Anchorage I am happy to share a little Valentines Day gift to anyone I have seen during the Holidays.

Holidays are defined as November, December and January, in case you were wondering.

I will be out of town February 3rd through the 15th.

If you schedule a 1 hour session with me February 15th through the 28th I am gifting you an extra 30 minutes. Just my way of saying thank you and Happy Valentines Day!

Let’s soak in the tub and have some slow placed relaxation, or maybe this is the time you really do want to try me at strip poker!

Small print, because there is always small print, to get this gift…

  • Scheduled sessions only. No same day appointments will honor the 30 minutes gift.
  • We saw each other at least ONCE during the month of November, December (2022) or January (2023).
  • Can be used in conjunction with a 1 hour session only.
  • Only valid February 15th through February 28th.

Contact me now to schedule, I will be happy to put you in my calendar. I always confirm the day before, so unless you are confirmed there is no worry about a cancellation fee.


Spring Travel Plans

It is almost 2023!

I don't know about you, but I am excited for 2023 and all the wonderful times it will bring.

Life is pretty much back to normal, the sun is beginning to shine a bit more, and I have some great travel dates I have planned.

I hope to connect with both new and known friends. If we haven't met, please take the time to peruse my site a bit, make sure I am who you are looking for, and fill out my booking form. It really is that easy, and makes all the difference in how our communications go.

Without further ado, here are my travel dates!

I will be bringing a few fetish pieces. If you have a specific request, make sure you let me know at the time you schedule. And, yes, scheduling is very important to me. I do not sit in my room in lingerie, waiting on your call.

I am out exploring museums and galleries, drinking some delicious teas or coffee, noshing on some good eats, and wandering the streets and trails enjoying the beauty of it all.

So, book in advance if you would like to spend some sensuous time together!

Juneau - Jan 17/20, Feb 15/17, March 9/12

I show Juneau love because, well, they show me love!

Fairbanks - March 3 through 5

Seattle - March 5 (evening) through March 9

Otherwise, find me in my home base city, Anchorage!

I will be unavailable March 19 through April 10.


Quick Seattle Layover

I will be visiting Seattle for one day! December 18th, so if we haven't met, fill out my screening form. And if we have met, shoot me a text with a few times that work for you.

Happy Holidays!


Winter 2022

Happy Holidays!

Can you believe it is already winter? Summer went by too quickly, as always. I hope you had a great summer, I know I did!

My travel dates have been decided for the remainder of 2022.

I head to Juneau for a few days, so make sure you contact me soon, as I am almost booked up.

  • Juneau Nov. 28 (afternoon) to Nov. 30 (last appointment at 10am).

Next, and never least, is Fairbanks. I am staying only a few days, but hope to make the most of my time with some of my favorite people. My next planned trip to Fairbanks will not be until April.

  • Fairbanks Dec. 5th (afternoon) to Dec.7 (last appointment at 10am).


I will be on a short hiatus from November 18 thru November 27th.

As it gets colder out, let me warm you up. I have a nice big tub that we can fill with bubbles, complete with candlelight. We can relax all those holiday stressors away...

I will be offering a few special perks as the Christmas season approaches. Everyone deserves a bit of a treat once in awhile, right? I will be announcing those mid December.

Thank you for being a friend and bringing me such happiness in 2022! I hope to continue to put a smile on your face as well!


Chantelle Miranda

Anchorage Incall

Relax Your Worries Away

Bubbles and More

Introducing Bubble Bliss.

Featuring candles, bubbles, aromatherapy (or not), music and us naked in the tub...

An unrushed sensual bliss to enjoy on a cold winter day. Pick from several aromatherapy scents, or go with no scents and just bubbles!

Eucalyptus works to clear airways and mental fog.

Balsam Fir is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, expectant, and to reduce anxiety and promote sleep.

Lavender Bliss promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety.

Care to join? Make sure you ask for Bubble Bliss!

Fairbanks Juneau Seattle travel

End of Summer Travel

End of Summer Travel Plans!

Fairbanks! September 11 thru the 13. Hotels are still spendy, so this short trip will have to suffice until I return mid November.

I will be heading to Seattle for a short layover visit and be available Sept. 21. Previous friends are given priority!

I stop off in Juneau for a few short, fun days - Get on my schedule now - Sept. 22 thru the 24.

I return to Anchorage and am excited to hang out at my home base and create more memories with my favorite people.

Check out my other posts about PFD specials and other fun links.

Fairbanks Sept. 11-13

Unavailable Sept. 18-20

Seattle Sept. 21

Juneau Sept. 22-24


Happy to Return!


Hello there!

I'm so happy to have returned!

I have endured some very hot weather and I'm back with some amazing tan lines. I'm not complaining. It was amazing, and such a wonderful experience.

I've also been able to finally get my Only Fans going, and I will post the link here at the end of this post. Bonus: if you are are a previous friend, feel free to reach out to me and I'll be happy to send you a free trial link.

I have plans to visit Juneau and Fairbanks next month, no date set yet.

I will be in Seattle September 21st through the 23rd.

I have my PFD Specials going,  so be sure to check them out.  Here is that link.

My Only Fans features videos and pictures. Perfect if you want to stay connected.

Anchorage Fairbanks information Juneau Specials

2022 PFD Specials

Some hot deals!

During the months of September and October, I will be offering some wonderful PFD perks!

These deals are available to purchase between September 1st and October 31st only and will be good for 6 months, so you can stock up, just be sure to use them between September 1st and April 28th!

You can buy as many as you can handle...

Casual Deals:

Buy (2) Casual Sessions (1 Hour) and receive (1) Quick Visit 30 Minute Session. Cost: $800. Save: $300.

Buy (4) Casual Sessions and receive (1) Casual Session. Cost: $1600. Save: $400.

Unwinding From it All Deals:

Buy (2) Relax and Unwind (90 mins.) Sessions and receive (1) Casual Session (1 Hour). Cost: $1300. Save: $400.

Buy (4) Relax and Unwind (90 mins.) sessions and receive (1) Relax and Unwind Session (90 mins). Cost: $2600. Save: $650.

Fetish Deals:

Buy (2) Fetish Sessions (90 mins) and receive (1) Frequent Fetish Session (1 Hour). Cost: $1400. Save: $550.

Buy (4) Fetish Sessions (90 mins) and receive (1) Fetish Sessions (90 mins). Cost: $2800. Save: $700.

And yes, of course, if our schedules do not mesh and you have been scheduling and seeing me as we are nearing April 28th, I will honor all of your prepaid sessions.

Fetish Play Packages:

Buy (2) Fetish Play sessions and receive (1) Fetish Play Session. Cost: $1400. Save: $700.


Maybe something a little bit more vanilla is your cup of cocoa...

Social Sessions!

Let's go enjoy some time out of the bedroom, do you want to catch a movie? Maybe bring a plus one to that holiday gathering?

Buy (2) up to 4-hour Social Sessions and receive (1) 4-hour Social Session. Cost: $800. Save: $400.

Yes, this is applicable for both new and current friends, although new friends must be screened before our first session!


Contact me!

Let me warm you up on the cold days (and nights)!


Chantelle Miranda


Play Time Videos

I have some new videos for you, featuring pussy play and some light anal and pussy play. Videos are 2 mins and 3 mins.

Remember, if you are a member, you get my content for free...

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