Hello there!

Thank you for visiting my website. I put time and effort into creating this for you so that you can learn all you need or want to know about me in order to make that decision to the question looming in your head: Do I want to see this woman?

For first-time play friends. Please visit my Book Me Now for a quick way to book a session with me.

I am based in Anchorage and offer incall appointments at various times throughout the month. I also love to travel to Juneau, Fairbanks, and Kenai. I update my calendar regularly so check me out here.

I also post my travel plans via my newsletter form.

I do require notice!

While I do my best to accommodate hectic schedules and last-minute bookings, it is not always a possibility.

If I am able to meet with you on short notice, I do require an additional $100 visit fee (if there is a less-than-2-hour notice needed.)

Your time is valuable, as is mine.

Therefore I do have a cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy: Any sessions canceled with less than 24 hours notice after I have confirmed your session, is applicable to a $50 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee is payable by Cash App, Venmo, good ole' cash, or even Paypal.


1 hour

This is a perfect amount of time for a short get together. Sometimes a familiar, easy-breezy jaunt can quickly become an orgasmic odyssey.

$300 Anchorage - Fairbanks - Kenai - Juneau


2 hours

Let's take our time and enjoy the moment. Freedom from stress, freedom from expectations. It is my firm belief that we must spoil ourselves and live with a bit of wild abandon whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you value exclusivity, discretion, and quality interactions, then we're well on our way to creating something rather divine.

$600 Anchorage - Fairbanks - Kenai - Juneau

Fetish Sessions

With a myriad of playful kinks, softer elements of domination, BDSM is an enticing adventure. Navigating our exploration together, I customize each encounter based upon interest, experience, and communication. All fetish sessions will be scheduled for a minimum of 2 hours + fetish $50 add on.


If you value exclusivity, discretion, and quality interactions, then we're well on our way to creating something rather spectacular.

I celebrate intimacy in all of its uniqueness.

There's nothing more important in this world than a chance to feel free.

Freedom from stress, freedom from expectations, and most importantly - freedom from routine.

Longer Sessions

4 HOURS . . . $1000 
8 HOURS . . . $2,000 
OVERNIGHT . . . $3,000 

*More information on longer sessions below


Chantelle Miranda

Let us eat drink and be merry

Prefer a dinner and date night?

Or maybe a weekend getaway?

Looking for a cruise companion?

Social Engagements

If you want to wind down over cocktails, catch a show at the theater, or play footsie under the table while out to dinner, let's get together for a bit!

The better we are able to get to know one another openly, the better our discovery with one another will be behind closed doors. Please understand that these are great for meet and greets or just an easy way to get to know each other before we embark on an enticing adventure.

1-2 HOURS                                3-4 HOURS

  $200                                             $400

incall availability, tours & more

I update my Calendar regularly. I also have a newsletter you can sign up for. Don't see you location or dates you are requesting? Feel free to contact via BOOK ME NOW.


I hold a US passport and am available for intimate, discreet liaisons worldwide. I am available at short notice to travel to you anywhere. Depending on my current location and the distance it takes to get to you, airfare will generally be required. Flights in excess of five hours must be in business/premium class or first class.

Fly me to you or let's escape together!

FULL DAY . . . $2,000

WEEKEND . . . $5,000 

SEVEN DAYS . . . $8,000


Wanna spoil me? Feel like being a thoughtful gent?

Gifts are always appreciated and never expected.