Casual Encounter

An hour is the perfect amount of time for a get-together, let me show you how a casual encounter can quickly become an orgasmic odyssey.

1 hour $400


Relax & Unwind

Freedom from stress, freedom from expectations. It is my firm belief that we must spoil ourselves and live with a bit of wild abandon whenever the opportunity presents itself. If you value exclusivity, discretion, and quality interactions, then we're well on our way to creating something rather divine.

1.5 hours $650


Mini Holiday

Two hours allows us to take our time and enjoy the moment. People who take time to enjoy life have lower stress, less risk of heart disease, a better outlook on life, and more motivation to achieve goals.

2 hours $750


Bubble Bliss

Featuring candles, bubbles, aromatherapy, music, and us in the tub. An unrushed sensual bliss to enjoy on a cold winter day.

Pick from several aromatherapy scents, or go with no scents and just bubbles!

  • Eucalyptus works to clear airways and mental fog.
  • Balsam Fir is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, expectant, and to reduce anxiety and promote sleep.
  • Lavender Bliss promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety.

2 hours $750

Cashapp/PayPal/Venmo/Electronic Payments are 5% of total.



Wanna make a movie?

For Your Eyes Only

Unicorn Sessions

Most commonly, the unicorn is a girl who is invited to play with a couple. What is important to remember is that these relations are consensual and comfortable.


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Social Sessions and Meet & Greets

If you want to wind down over cocktails, catch a show at the theater, or play footsie under the table while out to dinner, let's get together for a bit! The better we are able to get to know one another openly, the better our discovery with one another will be behind closed doors.

  • 1-2 hours is great for a meet and greet before a session if we haven't met, just an easy way to get to know each other before we embark on an enticing adventure.
  • 3-4 hours is a lovely way to start out an evening once we have met.

1-2 HOURS  $200 / 3-4 HOURS $400

Are you breezing through Anchorage while traveling? How about a genuine "connection"?

First and foremost, NOTICE is needed to plan adequately. I'll whisk you from the airport, transport you to my haven of entertainment, and we can revel in some good times before savoring a delectable meal. I'll make sure you're back at the airport, all set, for your next escapade. Allot anywhere between 2.5-3 hours for optimal enjoyment. A 90 minute with a social session add on is recommended—because creating lasting memories is always in style.

Wondering what my session space looks like?

I have a fantastic space dedicated to entertaining, complete with a full bathroom that features a Jacuzzi tub big enough for three, a large living room space with an overstuffed and over-sized sectional, a fireplace and 75 inch smart TV.

My boudoir features a large bed with ample space to romp around on and wonderful large mirrors so the voyeur in you always has a great view.

The Session Video

Let us eat drink and be merry

Prefer a dinner and date night?

Or maybe a weekend getaway?

Looking for a cruise companion?

Longer Sessions

4 HOURS . . . $1600 
8 HOURS . . . $2400 
OVERNIGHT . . . $3200 

Fly me to you or let's escape together!

I hold a US Passport and have all the cool kid vaccinations. I am available for intimate, discreet liaisons worldwide. Depending on my current location and the distance it takes to get to you, airfare will generally be required. If you are in a remote part of Alaska, lets discuss travel time. Otherwise, flights in excess of five hours must be in business/premium class or first class.

Are you looking for an Alaskan travel buddy as you explore our majestic state? Contact me for info about my "Alaskan Adventure Sidekick" packages.

FULL DAY . . . $2500 

WEEKEND . . . $6500 

SEVEN DAYS . . . $8500

Wanna spoil me? Feel like being a thoughtful gent?

Gifts are always appreciated and never expected.



Thank you for visiting my website. I put time and effort into creating this for you so that you can learn all you need or want to know about me in order to make that decision to the question looming in your head: Do I want to see this woman?

I am a vaccinated low-volume provider.

What does that mean?

It means that I believe in quality over quantity.

It means that I screen, for not only my safety but for yours.

I won't waste your time if I don't feel we are a good fit and ask that you do not as well.

If you value exclusivity, discretion, and quality interactions, then we are well on our way to creating something spectacular.

I celebrate intimacy in all of its uniqueness. There is nothing more important in this world than a chance to feel free.

Freedom from stress, freedom from expectations, and most importantly, freedom from routine.

I am based in Anchorage and offer incall appointments. I am available for outcall appointments in the Anchorage area. Don't know what those terms mean? Visit my FAQ page.

I am open to Drive To You sessions if you are in the outlying areas, with drive time compensated.

My preferred hours are 9am to 9pm. While I do my best to accommodate hectic schedules and last-minute bookings with previous friends, it is not always a possibility.

I visit Juneau and Fairbanks regularly. I update my calendar regularly so check me out here.

I am available for Fly Me To You (FMTY) sessions. How to do that? Fill out my booking form, then send a text or an email and let's chat!

Your time is valuable, as is mine. Therefore I do have a cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy: Any sessions canceled after confirming has a $50 cancellation. Within six (6) hours of session time after you have confirmed your session is applicable to a $100 cancellation fee. Any sessions canceled within two (2) hours of session time after you have confirmed your session is applicable to a $200 cancellation fee. Cost for no-show is the same as the session fee.

The cancellation fee is payable by Cash App, good ole' cash, or even Paypal.