Winter 2022

Happy Holidays!

Can you believe it is already winter? Summer went by too quickly, as always. I hope you had a great summer, I know I did!

My travel dates have been decided for the remainder of 2022.

I head to Juneau for a few days, so make sure you contact me soon, as I am almost booked up.

  • Juneau Nov. 28 (afternoon) to Nov. 30 (last appointment at 10am).

Next, and never least, is Fairbanks. I am staying only a few days, but hope to make the most of my time with some of my favorite people. My next planned trip to Fairbanks will not be until April.

  • Fairbanks Dec. 5th (afternoon) to Dec.7 (last appointment at 10am).


I will be on a short hiatus from November 18 thru November 27th.

As it gets colder out, let me warm you up. I have a nice big tub that we can fill with bubbles, complete with candlelight. We can relax all those holiday stressors away...

I will be offering a few special perks as the Christmas season approaches. Everyone deserves a bit of a treat once in awhile, right? I will be announcing those mid December.

Thank you for being a friend and bringing me such happiness in 2022! I hope to continue to put a smile on your face as well!


Chantelle Miranda

Anchorage Incall

Relax Your Worries Away

Bubbles and More

Introducing Bubble Bliss.

Featuring candles, bubbles, aromatherapy (or not), music and us naked in the tub...

An unrushed sensual bliss to enjoy on a cold winter day. Pick from several aromatherapy scents, or go with no scents and just bubbles!

Eucalyptus works to clear airways and mental fog.

Balsam Fir is an anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, expectant, and to reduce anxiety and promote sleep.

Lavender Bliss promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety.

Care to join? Make sure you ask for Bubble Bliss!

Fairbanks Juneau Seattle travel

End of Summer Travel

End of Summer Travel Plans!

Fairbanks! September 11 thru the 13. Hotels are still spendy, so this short trip will have to suffice until I return mid November.

I will be heading to Seattle for a short layover visit and be available Sept. 21. Previous friends are given priority!

I stop off in Juneau for a few short, fun days - Get on my schedule now - Sept. 22 thru the 24.

I return to Anchorage and am excited to hang out at my home base and create more memories with my favorite people.

Check out my other posts about PFD specials and other fun links.

Fairbanks Sept. 11-13

Unavailable Sept. 18-20

Seattle Sept. 21

Juneau Sept. 22-24


Happy to Return!


Hello there!

I'm so happy to have returned!

I have endured some very hot weather and I'm back with some amazing tan lines. I'm not complaining. It was amazing, and such a wonderful experience.

I've also been able to finally get my Only Fans going, and I will post the link here at the end of this post. Bonus: if you are are a previous friend, feel free to reach out to me and I'll be happy to send you a free trial link.

I have plans to visit Juneau and Fairbanks next month, no date set yet.

I will be in Seattle September 21st through the 23rd.

I have my PFD Specials going,  so be sure to check them out.  Here is that link.

My Only Fans features videos and pictures. Perfect if you want to stay connected.

Anchorage Fairbanks information Juneau Specials

2022 PFD Specials

Some hot deals!

During the months of September and October, I will be offering some wonderful PFD perks!

These deals are available to purchase between September 1st and October 31st only and will be good for 6 months, so you can stock up, just be sure to use them between September 1st and April 28th!

You can buy as many as you can handle...

Casual Deals:

Buy (2) Casual Sessions (1 Hour) and receive (1) Quick Visit 30 Minute Session. Cost: $800. Save: $300.

Buy (4) Casual Sessions and receive (1) Casual Session. Cost: $1600. Save: $400.

Unwinding From it All Deals:

Buy (2) Relax and Unwind (90 mins.) Sessions and receive (1) Casual Session (1 Hour). Cost: $1300. Save: $400.

Buy (4) Relax and Unwind (90 mins.) sessions and receive (1) Relax and Unwind Session (90 mins). Cost: $2600. Save: $650.

Fetish Deals:

Buy (2) Fetish Sessions (90 mins) and receive (1) Frequent Fetish Session (1 Hour). Cost: $1400. Save: $550.

Buy (4) Fetish Sessions (90 mins) and receive (1) Fetish Sessions (90 mins). Cost: $2800. Save: $700.

And yes, of course, if our schedules do not mesh and you have been scheduling and seeing me as we are nearing April 28th, I will honor all of your prepaid sessions.

Fetish Play Packages:

Buy (2) Fetish Play sessions and receive (1) Fetish Play Session. Cost: $1400. Save: $700.


Maybe something a little bit more vanilla is your cup of cocoa...

Social Sessions!

Let's go enjoy some time out of the bedroom, do you want to catch a movie? Maybe bring a plus one to that holiday gathering?

Buy (2) up to 4-hour Social Sessions and receive (1) 4-hour Social Session. Cost: $800. Save: $400.

Yes, this is applicable for both new and current friends, although new friends must be screened before our first session!


Contact me!

Let me warm you up on the cold days (and nights)!


Chantelle Miranda


Play Time Videos

I have some new videos for you, featuring pussy play and some light anal and pussy play. Videos are 2 mins and 3 mins.

Remember, if you are a member, you get my content for free...

But if you are not a member, then click below!


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July Availability

I have changed my mind about going to Seattle before my month off. I have not had any confirmed sessions, therefore I am not going there to twiddle my thumbs. When I can stay in Anchorage and twiddle other things.

So, I am going to update my calendar but wanted to put a blog post about my change of plans.

Seattle has been hit or miss on sessions for me, and I would rather make sure I am going somewhere for a reason, rather than a "yeah let me know when you are here!" reason.

Are you in Seattle? Would you like to see me? Feel free to book a session. It is super spendy to visit Seattle with no tangible reason at this time.

I will be available in Anchorage and look forward to seeing new and current friends! Come check out my new toys and lets catch up a bit...

Chantelle Miranda

July Availability

Membership Subscriptions and Perks

Become a member for special perks!

Visit me once a month included with your membership and enjoy special perks for additional visits at a special member rate.

Perks include special rates for sessions and social time. 30 minute sessions. Free birthday visits. Last minute availability and priority, as well as links to created content.

So. Many. Perks.

Monthly memberships are for existing clients only.

Yes, if you are unable to see me for your monthly visit included, it rolls over. I am better for your sanity and happiness than any phone plan out there!

Please contact me with any questions.

role play videos

Videos and Links

It has come to my attention that ALLMYLINKS, who I use for ease of video and clip sales, takes their sweet ass time sending the direct link. I think this is unacceptable! When you purchase a link, it should show immediately.

So, going forward I will be selling links directly from my website. I will create a new blog post describing the clip/video/content, along with a payment link that will give immediate access to the content purchased.

It just makes more sense, right?

Keep in mind I will be uploading a bunch of content between early and mid July, since I will be on hiatus for a month, beginning after my Seattle Sweet Tour (July 22-24).

I look forward to seeing you between now and then, and of course upon my return as well!



Here we go! Summer, 2022!

Don't you just love it?

The sun is out early to greet us in the mornings, the birds are fluttering tree to tree, the squirrels are busy getting their nuts, and the mosquitoes are back to suck our blood. Yes, even if we go to a movie or have to head into the office, it is still there.


Waiting for us, in all its warm yellow glory.

Summertime in Alaska.

I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to sit still, inside, during the summer months. I mean, there is so much to see, explore, drive to, hike, swim in, gaze at.

You get it.

So, that being said, if you want to see me, I need a day notice. Sometimes several hours works. And I cannot stress enough how something like this frustrates me.

HIM: Whats your schedule like?

ME: Tonight, or??

HIM: I figured you were too busy today.

ME: Well 7pm tonight or 9am to 1pm tomorrow works for me.

HIM: Yea damn

ME: What are you asking. I cannot read minds. Especially over texts.

HIM: Nvm have a good one.

Okay, lets unpack this. First I want to clarify that this gent is usually better at communication, and I look forward to seeing him again. Someday. Yes. We are all human and do human things. Which means we can be real idiots at times.

Yet, please know that responding and giving times takes time. I stop. I look at my schedule. I check a few things and see what I can or cannot move around, and respond accordingly.

So, do us both a favor and do not be vague.

If you want to book, be ready when you text or email me and have a specific time, or a time frame, in mind. Otherwise, frustration on both of our ends is 99% guaranteed.

That's not fun.

I have some travel coming up to Juneau and Fairbanks. Make sure to contact me ahead of time, as I don't like to be super busy and I usually plan my schedule ahead of time. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I do not sit around, in lingerie, waiting for my phone to go off.

Juneau - I will be in you - June 21-23

Fairbanks - I am there and looking forward to seeing some favorites - July 10-13

Seattle - Right before I disappear for a bit - July 22-24.

I return the beginning of September.

I will be making videos and clips between now and then. You can find them all on my link, although if you do not want sign on that site, I am happy to send the link to you directly, at cost.

I just uploaded a Toy Show and Tell earlier today, so make sure to check that out. I do not charge for a subscription, and keep the link charge low. I am learning how to film and edit and upload my stuff. So, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

Have a wonderful summer! If you don't get a chance to see me in the next month or so, make sure to see me during October because I will be doing my PFD specials again!