What is this screening, and why?


For many wonderful gentlemen, this is a no brainer.

But for others, it is a no.

This can be frustrating. Worse yet it to go through the screening process with someone who doesn’t even want to give their real name or any credible info to verify they aren’t dangerous.

Simply, No Screening = No Meeting

I see it that if an escort isn’t screening, there is a high chance that they’re a cop trying to pull in as many arrests as possible. Professionals screen to maintain safety. Discretion is of the utmost importance for all parties involved.

“Well, you could be a cop, asking me for my information!”

An undercover escort doesn’t have to screen clients because they’re just going to get the client’s info once they arrest them.

Even if they aren’t a cop, meeting an escort that doesn’t screen is risky and there is a high likelihood they may have a pimp who gives no shit about screening or safety. Or it’s just a matter of time until they are busted and the police have their phone (with your number in it most likely!).

I have always screened to avoid dangerous circumstances and people. Please understand that many sex workers are prime targets for predators due to both the stigma associated with sex work AND the illegal nature of it.

So, when a client refuses to screen, it translates to: “My privacy is more important than your safety.”

Imagine being a woman going to meet a man she’s never met before, alone, in a discreet location. He won’t tell her anything about him to even make her feel remotely comfortable with meeting. Because she is an escort. Does my work invalidate my ability to be put at ease and safe?

I choose to not see clients that are not willing to be screened.

Clients. Be aware that you have all this info about us readily available to you.

You have reviews to give an idea of my encounters and even services.

You have photos from ads.

You have directories & forums catering to your wants with more details & photos of us plastered all over them.

Please respect my screening practices because they are important. I screen for my safety and yours!

Rest assured after I have figured out you are not a predator, your info will be deleted.

Thank you,
Chantelle Miranda

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