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Travel, deposits, and summer

Happy Summer everyone!

I am writing this on National Garfield Day.

Commonly known as the eve before Summer Solstice.

I just updated my calendar and have some Fairbanks and Juneau travel listed. Make sure to reach out to me in order to schedule something, as I do love to travel around and see the sights. I will not be sitting in a room, wearing lingerie waiting for a "YOU AVAIL", so plan accordingly!


Fairbanks - June 26-29

Juneau July 1-3


Also, if we have not met before, you may be wondering why I am requesting a deposit. Well, there was a string of no shows, both for sessions and meet and greets, in May. I am unsure if one person or more were responsible for this, as I was not the only person contacted.

How frustrating.

I am a planner, and when someone contacts me, goes thru screening, answers my questions, and then I book, confirm, then get ready and...crickets.

Well, as you can imagine, it is frustrating. So, I am requesting deposits from new friends.




Just a few of the responses I have received.

No, I haven't put all this time and effort into my website and reputation to run off with your $200. I just value my time and energy.

Well, Chantelle, why don't you just ask for additional info on the screening?

And to that question, I answered with a question and ask, what more could I ask for at screening that would not put myself or you at risk?

It comes down to one thing.


Mine, yours, ours.

I wish the State of Alaska would figure it out and just leave consensual adults alone in the bedroom, but, there is big money in combating sex trafficking. And when they can't find sex trafficking they come after sex workers and our clients.

So, please be safe out there.

Make decent choices, and have a kick ass summer!


Chantelle Miranda

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