About Me

Your Alaskan based sensual provider

My name is Chantelle Miranda and I am a sensual provider based out of Alaska.

I am vaccinated, and care about my safety, as well as yours!

I am a mature and amorous auburn in my mid-30's, I stand 5'6 without heels, and am a booty curvalicious 160lbs.

I am the perfect companion for a relaxing sensual session of enticement, whether a quick indulgence, an evening of physical unwinding, an exciting role-play adventure or a weekend trip fishing.

Be aware, I am not someone who answers WYD or Avail texts from unscreened numbers. I am not for everyone, and am not a party girl or a last minute quickie. There are plenty of others that can fulfill that role. Read my FAQ's for more witty answers to the questions you may not even know how to ask.

An escape to your satisfaction

Do your days meld into one, with no mental punctuation to decipher a great day from a so-so day?

Are you craving a tantalizing sensual adventure?

Are you looking for a journey of discrete arousal tysts?

Let me help you awaken that passion...


Choose from a variety of tantalizing experiences

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Screening is required for all new friends.

Most who are sincerely interested in meeting with me understand that I am both ensuring my safety and prioritizing discretion, and they are therefore happy to supply this information.

Safety, discretion, and security for both of us is of the utmost importance!

Lets Meet - Screen Me

Can't wait and need some action now? Look no further, free to watch, join in any time!

Want to pay ahead of time for your session? Remember, there is a 5% fee for transactions.
Did you cancel last minute and need to pay a cancellation fee?
Are you just wanting to spend some money and show me some love?