Travel Plans and Updates

I am happy to announce some dates and travel plans!

Travel Plans

Oh, whats a girl to do when it gets cold and blistery out?

Well, visit a few friends, of course!

I have set dates for:

Juneau, AK - Dec. 6-8, 2020

Seattle, WA - Dec. 9-13, 2020

Fairbanks, AK - Jan. 18-21, 2021

Some planned trips I am EXCITED about, but do not have dates for yet:

Phoenix, AZ - February 2021

Yuma, AZ - February 2021

Are you somewhere out there wanting a visit? I am happy to do some short and sweet visits, a few days, a weekend, maybe even a longer excursion.

Take a peek at some of my "Let's Go on an Adventure" and "Dream Destinations" on my Sessions page for travel ideas.

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