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Springtime 2022

Springtime Specials

A special perk for my blog reading fans!

I am doing prepaids for the month of April! These will be good for 1 WHOLE YEAR.

This is great if you live out of town, or travel a lot, because it gives us plenty of time to get together.

So, whats the deal?

Prepaids are credit, at a great deal.

You can purchase these anytime during the month of April and have a year to use the credits.

Prepay links are listed on the button and are via Cashapp, Venmo, Paypal.

Prepays good towards all session and social session types.

The more prepaid, the more savings!

Every $300 prepaid is worth $400

Every $600 prepaid is worth $800

Every $1000 prepaid is worth $1500

Every $1200 prepaid is worth $1800

Every $2000 prepaid is worth $3100

Questions? Concerns?

Contact me the usual ways or just a text @ 907 250 4100

Upcoming travels

Some are not being advertised since short trips, and I am only able to see select few previous friends, and trips can be added for Fly Me To You's!

Eugene, OR April 10th

Seattle, WA April 11th

Juneau, AK April 14th

Fairbanks, AK August 29th - September 1st


Travel Plans

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