2022 and a whole new world…

So excited that 2021 is over and done with. Ready for 2022? I know I am.

Someone recently asked me what my plans were for the New Year.

I answered "Live with more grace and gratitude."

I think they were asking more on the lines of where I was traveling to next!

To answer that, the first answer sets the stage for what the New Year brings.

My plans for 2022 are to live with more grace and gratitude for everything before me.

Whether that is being graceful when my bags get lost, or graceful when someone cancels a session last minute after they have confirmed and I am waiting for them in my lingerie.

My gratitude comes from being able to have baggage problems in the first place, and being grateful that i can instill cancellation policies and chose who I decide to see, or not see.

My plans for 2022 are a bit of travel, a bit of outdoorsy stuff, and a bit of prioritizing my days.

The next few months I have plans to visit snowy Juneau (January 12-15), jet city Seattle (January 19-23) and the frozen north Fairbanks (February 26-28).

Other places are being mulled over, and as I write this looking out my window at the -8 Anchorage temps, those other places are going to be at least 70 degrees!

Some new things as I bring in 2022 - I have updated and firmed up my cancellation policy. This is after a pretty crappy situation happened right before my mid-December hiatus.

I had a choice to make - require deposits OR hold people accountable to my cancellation policy.

I chose the latter.

My cancellation policy is as follows:

After you complete this form I will be in touch within 2-12 hours and we can agree on a time/date.

I will confirm with you on the day of the requested appointment.

After you confirm that day of our session - please note the following.

If you cancel:

Any sessions canceled within six (6) hours of session time after you have confirmed your session is applicable to a $50 cancellation fee.

Any sessions canceled within one (1) hour of session time after you have confirmed your session is applicable to a $200 cancellation fee.

Any associated cancellation fees are to be paid within 24 hours of cancellation.

If I cancel: I offer a discount on your next session.

I am doing this rather than requesting deposits at this time.

I have this listed on my screening form, and will be notifying previous friends of this new policy upon future bookings.

Of course, emergencies do happen, and this is taken into consideration.

I also have a nice little linktree with all my links in one handy place. Ingenious I tell you!

Have a wonderful 2022! I look forward to what it brings to each of us.


Chantelle Miranda

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