Summer 2019

We are breaking records here in Alaska this summer, and I have to say, I do love the sunshine and the heat. As long as I remain hydrated and make sure to have some downtime in the shade, that is.

That being said, the heat sure makes people act...differently. Tempers flare quickly. Patience is near null. And health issues seem to only exacerbate.

So I sit here on another gorgeous morning, the temp climbing a blissful 70 degrees and going up still, and I just want to share some simple etiquette of how to contact me. I am sure this applies to others in my profession as well, but I can only speak to what I appreciate.

Just the fact that you are reading this means you are most likely not guilty of the following. And I see you and I wholeheartedly appreciate you!

Without further ado, please take note.

  1. One word texts such as "Hey" or "Chantelle?" or "Available?" will not get you much more than a canned response directing you to my website.
  2. That being said, extra lame points for contacting me in the wee hours. Was it Steinfeld that noted, "nothing good happens after 1 am"? I generally live by this rule and sleep like a normal person. Because, alas, I am a normal person.
  3. When I do request to screen you, a dick pic is not a tool that I use. Neither is a picture of money, or a pic of a woman tied up and looking afraid. Those will generally get you blocked.
  4. Why am I so adamant about screening? Oh, I don't know, maybe because we live in a dangerous State for women? It really is a needed part of what is required. I try to refer you to my BOOK ME NOW link so we don't have to play 20 questions via text.
  5. I will never send face pics. Nope. I do appreciate yours when you are so kind as to send them though.

Recently a gentleman emailed me, rather than filling out the form. It was a wonderful email, will the screening info and pertinent information all rolled into a sophisticated and witty introduction. Ever so appreciated...

I am sure I have left out some things, but you get the gest of it.

Lets enjoy this hot summer and have some fun!


Chantelle Miranda

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