Spring Travel Plans

It is almost 2023!

I don't know about you, but I am excited for 2023 and all the wonderful times it will bring.

Life is pretty much back to normal, the sun is beginning to shine a bit more, and I have some great travel dates I have planned.

I hope to connect with both new and known friends. If we haven't met, please take the time to peruse my site a bit, make sure I am who you are looking for, and fill out my booking form. It really is that easy, and makes all the difference in how our communications go.

Without further ado, here are my travel dates!

I will be bringing a few fetish pieces. If you have a specific request, make sure you let me know at the time you schedule. And, yes, scheduling is very important to me. I do not sit in my room in lingerie, waiting on your call.

I am out exploring museums and galleries, drinking some delicious teas or coffee, noshing on some good eats, and wandering the streets and trails enjoying the beauty of it all.

So, book in advance if you would like to spend some sensuous time together!

Juneau - Jan 17/20, Feb 15/17, March 9/12

I show Juneau love because, well, they show me love!

Fairbanks - March 3 through 5

Seattle - March 5 (evening) through March 9

Otherwise, find me in my home base city, Anchorage!

I will be unavailable March 19 through April 10.

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