Spring 2021 Travel Updates

See that bright orb up there? That's the SUN!

As I ring 2020 to a close, I am looking ahead at the wonderful season before me.

Happy New Year everyone! I cannot wait to see you!

I have my Spring 2021 plans in place!

Just so you know, I will am in Anchorage through January 17th. After that, I am on the move a bit!

I will be visiting Fairbanks January 18-21 and am able to host - no outcall available - during this visit, sorry!

A little pre-Valentines Day visit to Juneau is in order, so catch me during my quick little visit February 10-12, and yes. Limited availability as it is a short but sweet trip.

Then, in true Jet City fashion, I am in Seattle February 13-16. Happy Valentines Day!

I head to sunny Phoenix February 17-20 and am excited to feel the warm sun, before I'm off to Yuma.

I will be enjoying the desert sights in Yuma February 21-23, soaking it all in before I head back home to Alaska. Just in time for Spring to be peeking its head through the trees.

Contact me if you have any questions!


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