Sex in the time of COVID-19

So here we are, stuck at home for the most part and plenty of time to find new hobbies. Or work on the things we meant to. Or finish reading that book or learning that new editor program, or maybe we are geared up to go on some solo day hikes. Whatever your pleasure, sex is probably on your mind.

But how do we actually have some fun and take our minds off of the madness that makes half of our society okay with the hoarding of toilet paper?

Porn. You know it, you love it. You can get it and there is plenty of it ready and waiting. Unlike that toilet paper and sanitizer.

Free porn videos

Things have changed, for the time being.

There is no chance of drinks and dinner after work or heading to the movies on a Friday night. Even bowling and beer with the boys.

My go-to's are closed. I love libraries and museums. Luckily, we can visit them via our smart tv's or computers now, but that doesn't have the same appeal.

All on hold.

But that doesn't mean you can't have some fun.

Keep your mind sharp, by watching Porn!

Even if you’re not masturbating, simply watching porn or reading erotica helps alleviate stress.

In possibly the best study in existence from Carnegie Mellon, researchers forced men to look at semi-erotic photos (think Victoria’s Secret catalogs) and then take a math test.

Results showed that the men who looked at erotic photos actually did a lot better on the test than men who had, I guess, flipped through "Better Homes and Gardens."

So, now what?

Well, I am the first to admit that I am a bit of an introvert and great at keeping myself entertained. I have known to get quite creative.

I’m offering quarantine-friendly texting packages for a bit of fun in these troubled times. $300 for 1 week of free-flow, unlimited chat. Get to know me, in compliance with CDC regulations.

I also have other options, because options are awesome.

$10 30 minutes text only
$50 10 minute private one on one sensual show (webcam, FB messenger, Skype)
$100 20 minute private one on one show
$150 private one on one fetish show - includes a 10-minute text window to discuss fetish and setup before the show

Message 4x a day for 7 days for $25
Daily nudes add on $20 per week
Specialty nudes $10-$20 per nude

Must be over 18
Must deposit funds before we begin

$ or
Cashapp $chantellemiranda

DM to get started.

I am planning on brushing up on some skills, and learning a few new ones. I'm interested in becoming a whiz at Google Ads and the many educational and intriguing Skillshop offerings, Youtube creator content how-to's, and researching the many hikes and amazing sites around the world I look forward to visiting someday.

Stay safe my friends.

I cannot wait to celebrate and see you all face to face when this is over.

XXOO Chantelle Miranda

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