March, if winter had a spring

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Happy almost Spring!

I have returned from my Northwest travels. I had such a wonderful time exploring Portland and Seattle.

I am currently available in Anchorage and hosting March 7-9 (Sat-Mon). Otherwise, I am available for outcalls, and might host another day or so before the end of the month.

I am visiting Fairbanks March 12-14 and Juneau March 26-28. I have those dates planned for after my raffle drawing.

Raffle drawing, you say?

Yes. My beloved car is on its last legs. I am practically driving my adored trusty tank until the wheels fall off. Maybe even literally, by the way it has been sounding. So, that brings me to a fun way to conjure up some funds. Can't spell funds without FUN, right? Corny I know.

So, I am wanting to buy a reliable vehicle.


•Donate $50, and be entered to win 30 minutes with me.

•Donate $100, and be entered to win a 2 hours date with me

•Donate $300 and be entered to win a 4 hours date with me.

Winners will be selected on March 10th at 6pm.

Or $chantellemiranda on cashapp

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