Its a whole new world…

From this point on, there will be "before Covid-19 and after Covid-19".

If you haven't noticed, I have suspended my 907-250-4100 number until further notice. It is just easier to have a google number that goes to one phone.

Please feel free to contact me at 424-273-5115 or

At this time I am carefully booking longer appointments, and being very selective in order to keep myself (and others) safe and healthy.

I have updated my screening form to include a few questions about travel.
I have kept myself at home, with walks in nature and minimal shopping excursions.

Starting on May 10th, I will be available for appointments.
Longer sessions (minimum 2 hours) are given priority and am only seeing 1 (one) friend per week in Anchorage.

I do have trips in mind for Fairbanks & Juneau. Dates TBD. During those trips, I will only be seeing two prebooked friends.

I will be offering prepaid rewards, with any session prepaid, expect a pleasant surprise (depending on what is prepaid, contact me for info on this). 

Recently I had the pleasure to be treated to a spectacular visit to a sunny and hot vacation with an amazing gentleman. I wanted to share the golden hues I have acquired.

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