Here we go! Summer, 2022!

Don't you just love it?

The sun is out early to greet us in the mornings, the birds are fluttering tree to tree, the squirrels are busy getting their nuts, and the mosquitoes are back to suck our blood. Yes, even if we go to a movie or have to head into the office, it is still there.


Waiting for us, in all its warm yellow glory.

Summertime in Alaska.

I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to sit still, inside, during the summer months. I mean, there is so much to see, explore, drive to, hike, swim in, gaze at.

You get it.

So, that being said, if you want to see me, I need a day notice. Sometimes several hours works. And I cannot stress enough how something like this frustrates me.

HIM: Whats your schedule like?

ME: Tonight, or??

HIM: I figured you were too busy today.

ME: Well 7pm tonight or 9am to 1pm tomorrow works for me.

HIM: Yea damn

ME: What are you asking. I cannot read minds. Especially over texts.

HIM: Nvm have a good one.

Okay, lets unpack this. First I want to clarify that this gent is usually better at communication, and I look forward to seeing him again. Someday. Yes. We are all human and do human things. Which means we can be real idiots at times.

Yet, please know that responding and giving times takes time. I stop. I look at my schedule. I check a few things and see what I can or cannot move around, and respond accordingly.

So, do us both a favor and do not be vague.

If you want to book, be ready when you text or email me and have a specific time, or a time frame, in mind. Otherwise, frustration on both of our ends is 99% guaranteed.

That's not fun.

I have some travel coming up to Juneau and Fairbanks. Make sure to contact me ahead of time, as I don't like to be super busy and I usually plan my schedule ahead of time. Anyone who knows me is well aware that I do not sit around, in lingerie, waiting for my phone to go off.

Juneau - I will be in you - June 21-23

Fairbanks - I am there and looking forward to seeing some favorites - July 10-13

Seattle - Right before I disappear for a bit - July 22-24.

I return the beginning of September.

I will be making videos and clips between now and then. You can find them all on my link, although if you do not want sign on that site, I am happy to send the link to you directly, at cost.

I just uploaded a Toy Show and Tell earlier today, so make sure to check that out. I do not charge for a subscription, and keep the link charge low. I am learning how to film and edit and upload my stuff. So, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

Have a wonderful summer! If you don't get a chance to see me in the next month or so, make sure to see me during October because I will be doing my PFD specials again!



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