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2022 PFD Specials

Some hot deals!

During the months of September and October, I will be offering some wonderful PFD perks!

These deals are available to purchase between September 1st and October 31st only and will be good for 6 months, so you can stock up, just be sure to use them between September 1st and April 28th!

You can buy as many as you can handle...

Casual Deals:

Buy (2) Casual Sessions (1 Hour) and receive (1) Quick Visit 30 Minute Session. Cost: $800. Save: $300.

Buy (4) Casual Sessions and receive (1) Casual Session. Cost: $1600. Save: $400.

Unwinding From it All Deals:

Buy (2) Relax and Unwind (90 mins.) Sessions and receive (1) Casual Session (1 Hour). Cost: $1300. Save: $400.

Buy (4) Relax and Unwind (90 mins.) sessions and receive (1) Relax and Unwind Session (90 mins). Cost: $2600. Save: $650.

Fetish Deals:

Buy (2) Fetish Sessions (90 mins) and receive (1) Frequent Fetish Session (1 Hour). Cost: $1400. Save: $550.

Buy (4) Fetish Sessions (90 mins) and receive (1) Fetish Sessions (90 mins). Cost: $2800. Save: $700.

And yes, of course, if our schedules do not mesh and you have been scheduling and seeing me as we are nearing April 28th, I will honor all of your prepaid sessions.

Fetish Play Packages:

Buy (2) Fetish Play sessions and receive (1) Fetish Play Session. Cost: $1400. Save: $700.


Maybe something a little bit more vanilla is your cup of cocoa...

Social Sessions!

Let's go enjoy some time out of the bedroom, do you want to catch a movie? Maybe bring a plus one to that holiday gathering?

Buy (2) up to 4-hour Social Sessions and receive (1) 4-hour Social Session. Cost: $800. Save: $400.

Yes, this is applicable for both new and current friends, although new friends must be screened before our first session!


Contact me!

Let me warm you up on the cold days (and nights)!


Chantelle Miranda

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