August and Everything After

Hello there!

Summer time in Alaska, oh, so hard to sit still. It seems to last only days, and winter just goes on forever. Why is that?

I have updated some info on here, as well as my calendar.

Hope you are having an amazing summer! It seems I keep missing the sun, and summer is flying by so quickly.

I have some travels plan to remedy that, and I have some fun trips in mind, to close out Summer of 2021 with a bang, and not a whimper.

Are you loving that life is *almost* back to normal? Whatever normal is...

I am on vacation July 12th thru August 5th, and will be unavailable for sessions. I will not be answering texts and will have limited email availability.

Once I return, I have some dates set for Juneau, Fairbanks, Seattle, Phoenix and Yuma.

I have a brand new bag of fun! Yep. Most of my toys went missing my last trek out of Juneau. I am not pointing fingers...ahem.

I bought a bunch of new, fun, exciting things and am so excited to be adding them to my repertoire.

I have included some pictures, but the strappy harness picture isn't included, so leave that to your imagination.

So, make sure to schedule some playtime into your calendar. Check out my travel plans, and keep in mind, scheduling is a must!

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